Lockable door using your own padlock.

As an alternative to our wall mounted tap box, this design has been
manufactured to be recessed within your brickwork, the two part design allows the
rear section to be retro fitted after construction of the building or allowed for during the building stage offering better insulation and a less obtrusive appearance. 

Fit the rear section into the brickwork, the four fixing screws that hold the front
cover are designed to line up with the mortar joints so therefore some packing may
be required top and bottom.

We strongly advise using a plastic sleeve that will go through the wall should the
need arise to replace the copper wall tube at a later date. 

Once securely in place pass the supplied tap and wall tube through the rear hole
in the box and fix in place with the three hexogan headed screws provided
(the tap has already been tested to 10 bar). The front cover can now be fixed into place with the screws provided.

Finally fix the hose connections and fit the additional foam insulation pack around the tap with zip ties.


Each box comes complete with the following:-

1 x Recessed Tap Box
1 x 1/2" Brass Bib Tap      
1 x 200mm copper wall tube
1 x ½”Hose Connectors 
1 x 260mm  ½” Hose
Fixing Screws
1 x Foam Insulation pack  

The Tap Box kit comes complete with a foam insulation pack to provide additional insulation to the tap and hose. This is easily fitted around the tap.
The first piece of foam goes around the tap itself and secured with zip ties, the second fits around the hose fitting and the hose pipe, secured at the top with a zip tie. (Some triming may be required).

Should you require any further information on our Tap Boxes please contact us.